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Can’t sign in, don’t have a weis card number so can’t do anything.

Impossible to Register

I’d love to take advantage of this app, but you can not register. No matter what it says my club card can’t be validated. I’ve tried numerous times over the last few weeks. Pointless app.

Can’t search for products in store like other grocery store apps

The only reason I downloaded the app is so that I could see what products they have in the stores around me. To my disappointment, the app does not support this feature. Therefore, the app along with their website are useless to me. If I’m going to make a trip to a store, it’s going to be Wegmans because at least I know for certain they will have the items I’m looking for.

Weis card should be on the app

Card should be visible on the app with the option to add to your wallet on iPhone

No stars

This app is horrible and frustrating. Tip to developers-look at the Wegmans app and follow what they did. It’s unfortunate because the store will lose my business because I rely on the app to do my shopping and if it’s not user friendly, I won’t be shopping there.

Good app

It would be VERY helpful if in your grocery list it would provide you the option of sorting by aisle. Would make shopping quicker. Competitor apps do have this.


Can’t add my rewards card either - app is frustrating

Can’t add your rewards card

Every time I tried to add my rewards card to my account it said invalid number it a brand new card this is the 5 time I tried to add it and nothing

Can’t log in

The app will not let me enter my membership card number at all, so I’m stuck. Pointless.

Needs much improvement

I love Weis and I love the fact that I can clip e coupons. I hate the fact that every time I close the app I have to re log in and it always resets my store.

Needs Apple Pass support...

Would love to be able to store my Weis membership in the Passes section of my iPhone.

Horrible App

Very slow and clunky app compared to Harris Teeter, Food Lion, Giant it any other competitor. App freezes just opening and freezes when trying to navigate around.

So frustrated

I’ve tried a million times to log in, but keep getting an error message that my password and email address don’t match their records when I know I’m putting in the correct ones since I can shop online. Maddening 😡😡

Love it

Very easy to navigate and search for items.

Weis Markets

If you really want folks to utilize the Weis Markets app, you should really consider making it less frustrating! It is one of my least liked or used apps. By the way, I use many apps so one so frustrating won’t get my use!

Doesn’t work

Can’t login, can’t reset password, can’t do anything...

Farily bad App

Searched in the weekly flyer for “VEGE” for vegetables and nothing came up even though I know items should. Just see the GIANT App to see how it’s done right.

Figures never change

Totals for coupon or money spent don’t update or change.

Garbage App

42 MB’s does nothing. Search couldn’t even produce coffee result. Really? Delete!

What in the world?!

Why won't the app let me input my weis member card number?!

You cant shop!

There are no items that you can shop for, so whats the point of this app?!

Still doesn’t let you locate products in the store

Locating products in the store is the only reason I use store apps. It’s so useful that I am starting to only shop at stores that provide this.Locating products in the store is the only reason I use store apps. It’s so useful that I am starting to only shop at stores that provide this.


I like the ecoupons as I’m not a normal coupon clipper. I issue I have is that I have to set my store every time I open the app. Often times I have to relogin with Facebook. It is not convenient.

This app is just the worst

I used to love ordering from Weiss online. I was a loyal online customer for over a year. They have a quick turnaround and they call you with out of stock items. The previous programs they had was not mobile friendly but it was at least user-friendly. You could sort by price and unit price and easily order from past purchases. This app has none of those capabilities. It is not user-friendly at all. I don’t think I can even deal with it. Weis app developers-take a page from the giant Peapod and Shop RITE apps. Until this app improves you are losing this customer and I’m sure many others.

People having problem with loading wies card

Leave off the last number on your card when entering the number. I worked for Weis for a long time and had to walk people though how to do phone surveys etc and this was a common issue. This step should be included in directions for entering club card number Weis app design team. A lot less people would be mad and give better reviews. I haven’t had any issues with the app other than a bit of a lag adding coupons so far its working well.

Worthless app

Wegmans has the best app when it comes to checking prices and searching for things. I wish Weis would follow their example.


Keeps signing me out, and keeps suggesting items for the store in Whitehall, PA. I live in Doylestown!

Fix it

Weis appt won’t open up please fix it

Annoying and a time waster!

I just spent over one hour making a grocery order for pick up. Went to ck out and it wouldn’t take my shopper club number even with the last number not entered. It won’t let me ck out without entering it or signing up for a new one, which I don’t want. So I have a $192.00 order and I wasted my time. I cannot wait to call tomorrow and ream them out. 😡


Can’t log in so app is just about useless


I can’t set up an account because the app won’t even except my preferred loyalty card number which works fine in every store. So the app is worthless to me as it won’t work on something that simple. I can’t imagine the quality of the rest of the app.

loyalty card problem

The locality card will not load into Apple Wallet and the Weis scanner will not read the card barcode from the Weis app.

Changes are terrible

Changes to the shop from home site are horrible. Half the site doesn't work; slow; hard to find products and lost previous saved lists which makes ordering even more difficult. Go back to original site and give us our accounts back. If I could rate zero stars I would.


The first time I opened the app the search feature could not find a simple item like milk and creating a shopping list was not more than a hand written list offers. I wrote this review noting items below. Minutes later I opened the app and some of the features noted or options. Why does the app go back-and-forth? --------- My previous review… I think the app should allow us to input what item we want, then the app should find it, show an image of it along with the price and allow us to either: 1) add the quantity we want to our list or 2) click on the item to learn more (like read ingredients). If we like it, then we could add it to our shopping list. What's the point of searching "2% organic milk" and then only finding three types of rolls? (those did have pictures, by the way) What's the point of writing "2% organic milk" on a shopping list that won't recognize/find it or even sort it to the dairy section? Also, how helpful is it to "share with my family and "the shopping list if the potato salad add is five dollars for one brand offering two styles and I can't note which style I want. A lot of work to be done here before this app is very helpful.

Card number error

I have tried many times now and the app won't even let me sign up because it keeps giving me an error when I enter my bonus card number. This is how I planned to get my coupons. Beyond disappointed

Won't accept card number

I normally don't take the time to review apps, but I just spent the last hour setting up an account and it won't take my weis card number. I realize not all apps are perfect, but come on that's an important part don't you think? I think I'll stick to Giant.

Apple wallet

Needs apple wallet support for the loyalty card!!!! Also, may I suggest utilizing Apple Pay in your stores?

Can't purchase!

I can go online with my laptop and shop but this app doesn't allow purchasing! That's all I needed it for!!


You can't even order food. Why would I want a grocery store app that doesn't order food??!

Terrible App, Big Disappointment

Here is a list of the issues I've encountered: 1) The quantities of the items in my list keep changing on their own. 2) The app keeps crashing. 3) The products are not easy to find and the app is not easy to navigate to locate what I need. 4) The items do not always list the quantity, ounces etc., in the name of the product. 5) You can't click on an item in your list to see more details. 6) You can't label your shopping list(s). 7) A lot of items I used to purchase do not show in the search field. 8). The app is extremely slow and is has never been like this before. I haven't been able to place an online order for in store pickup since the switch took place and even though we were informed about this next issue, it erased all of our previously purchased items. This is a big inconvenience! Overall, I am very disappointed with the app and even the website after they switched to the new format. They clearly have their work cut out for them fixing all of these bugs.

Waste of time

I tried several times to get this to work. Waste of time

What the heck, Weis?

I've just spent over a half hour trying to set up an account. It won't take my shopper card number, which I noticed has been a common complaint from many users, so why won't you fix it? Anyway, I started a shopping list as a guest and when clicking on an offer for details, it froze, so I hit the back arrow which took me all the way back to the beginning. 😡 This app is far too frustrating and difficult to use..... even as a guest!

Needs overhaul

I'm late to this review. I've been shopping at Weis for 10 years. I use the website to check e-coupons. I thought it would be convenient to check which coupons I had while shopping. When I tried this app, it somehow destroyed my online account. I had to make a new one. That was ridiculous and it appears this app hasn't been changed at all. No thanks.


It's an app. You add groceries. The end. Are other shopping apps more intuitive? Sure - but don't leave bad reviews because your smartphone is smarter than you.

Something is wrong with this app

When you try to create an account it rejects your loyalty number, no matter how you put it in, with spaces, without, with the leading number, without. Cool idea but seriously somebody has to fix this app. It's a mess.


Got this app expecting to see the actual circular-can't-useless app.

👎👎Very Bad App👎👎

This is the worst of the worst of the supermarket apps😳 used the FLIPP app instead to find out what's on sale -this is and app that you will download then delete it with in 60 seconds -can't load Weis card number to add account -food search is nonexistent -layout of any kind is nonexistent -there are 3 products per screen then you slide to the next screen for the next 3 products on screen...that means you can't find anything using and 3 product browser😓

App won't work at all

My Weis card works in the store but I can't get it to register at all on the app. I've tried putting all the numbers in, leaving off the first and last etc. NOTHING WILL WORK! Really annoying since this is the only place I shop

Don't Bother

Exactly what the reviews say, my loyalty number didn't work.

Broken app

Please fix. Won't log in or recognize my card number. Online works fine but app is terrible. Maybe I should shop at wegmans. Their app works.

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